Here goes . . . for those who've been keeping tabs, it need a little updating,
but the general sentiment still holds :)

Potters want to save the world.  
I’m not kidding.
Sit down and read any number of our artists’ statements and you’ll quickly
find that we are an idealistic bunch.  And I am no different from the rest.  
After all, when I was just twenty- three and fresh out of college, I moved to a
very small town in the woods of New Hampshire to live with . . . a kiln.  That’
s right, I followed not a boyfriend, not a job, but a loosely organized stack of
bricks with some gas lines attached.  Very idealistic.  At a time when I might
have been more likely to be sharing a small urban apartment with three
other angst-y twenty- somethings working entry level jobs, I was instead up to
my elbows in mud, finding my way around the beginnings of my very own
pottery studio.

My job is amazing.  The material, the rhythms of labor, the use of fire, the
interactions with people who use my pots- I love it all.  And I won’t tell you
that I’m not out to change the world, because, in my own small way, I am.  If
you enjoy your morning coffee just a bit more because you had it in one of
my mugs, I’m doing my job.  If you were just the slightest bit more proud of
the dinner you made because it was presented on one of my plates, I’m doing
my job.  And if you have begun to discover the subtle ways that using
handmade objects can enhance your daily life, I’m really doing my job.

But I believe that the magic of all this is found at that moment when you can
take that extra bit of joy you feel out into the world and share it with

Idealistic?  Definitely, but I think it’s real, and I think it matters.  And that is
why I make pots.